​​​​​Vest-A-Cop Foundation

Vest-A-Cop Foundation is announcing its second round of the grant program designed to aid Delaware County police departments in the purchase of safety equipment to protect officers while on duty. The Vest-A-Cop Departmental Safety Equipment Grant Program will open in February, 2020 with awards being announced to departments in late May or early June.

The Vest-A-Cop Departmental Safety Equipment Grant Program will be offered by Vest-A-Cop Foundation to Delaware County departments in addition to the ongoing purchase of bulletproof vests for individual officers serving the county and surrounding areas. Departments are now encouraged to apply for grants to aid in the purchase of a variety of safety equipment including, but not limited to: shields, helmets, radio equipment, body cameras, etc. Maximum grant size for the program is $1,000.00 per department per cycle.

Vest-A-Cop Foundation is a Ridley Park-based 501(c)(3) organization that provides administrative and financial services to first responders across Delaware County.   If you would like to donate to the Vest-A-Cop Foundation or learn more about the Departmental Safety Equipment Grant Application Process, please reach out to www.vestacop.com or call them at 484-820-3641
or 610-637-1179.  For an application, click here.

Wear The Vest, Protect The Chest